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Jason Lynch,
counselor, at The Counseling Center

I believe that the therapeutic relationship forms the basis of all interactions between the counselor and client. I approach this relationship in a non-judgmental way that respects the diversity and inherent value of each person.
We all go through times in our lives when we feel unsure of ourselves, discouraged, overwhelmed, or depressed. In fact, 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health challenge. We may feel stressed, stuck, lost, or out of control. This loss of control results in unpleasant symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, guilt or shame, addiction, relationship discord, and occupational problems. When confronted with these difficulties we each have unique resources, strengths, and coping skills that we may draw on, reconfigure, and enhance. Counseling helps us to use them most effectively.

My goal is to help clients explore their problems, strengthen their voices, and enrich their lives. My approach is eclectic, combining cognitive and behavioral techniques to respond to the unique personalities of my clients. I became a counselor because I really do believe that positive change and growth are possible and that we all can live richer, fuller lives. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, click the Request Appointment button


More About Jason Lynch

1.  What is your favorite food?
     Nothing beats a good pizza or bowl of pasta.

2.  Where is your favorite place to live?      
     – St. Louis, which also happens to be one of the best           places to get Italian food! 

3.  What did you do before becoming a counselor?
    – I was a critical care nurse and hospital administrator

4.  Are you a dog or a cat person?
    Dog, no contest.  I’ve had two Golden Retrievers.

5.  What is one thing you would struggle to live without?


M.S. Addictions Counseling
Capella University

B.S. Nursing
University of Missouri-St. Louis

B.A. Psychology
University of Notre Dame

Licenses & Certifications 

L.M.H.C.A. (Indiana)
License: 88000903A  Exp: 4/2020

L.C.A.C.A. (Indiana)
License: 87900019A  Exp: 4/2020

A.D.S. (Indiana)
License: 80000056A   Exp: 9/2020

Certification: 903702  Exp: 12/2020

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I love speaking to new clients about how we can collaborate to meet your treatment goals.  For many clients, this may be your first time interacting with a counselor.  The process can seem overwhelming.  You may have questions about insurance or simply wnat happens during a counseling session. I am happy to answer all of your questions prior to schedulilng our first session.  Just click the Contact Me button below to get started.

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