Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of therapy?

 -The initial session fee is $100.00.  

 – Each session thereafter is $80.00.   

 – Drug and alcohol assessments are available for a fee of $200, which includes a report.   

While I do not provide traditional sliding scale appointments, I am committed to making mental health care affordable.  To that end, I have partnered with Open Path, to provide counseling appointments to their clients at a discounted rate of $30-60 per hour.  For more information, visit the Open Path website ( and be sure to select me from the list of therapists.  (Please note:  Open Path appointments may not be used for alcohol and drug assessments.)

Initial sessions are 60 minutes in length.  Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes. 

W hat can I expect to occur during the first session?

The goal of the first session is to create a safe, therapeutic, and confidential space in which you feel comfortable sharing pertinent information about the reasons for seeking treatment.   I will also gather information about your history (family, relationship, psychological, substance use, career, etc.) and your current lifestyle (schedule, stressors, support network, etc,).  I will explain what you can expect in future sessions and we may discuss some initial goals and objectives.  You are encouraged to ask any questions you might have about the process and to share your objectives, concerns, etc.  We will discuss frequency of visits (which is usually once a week at the onset), and you will schedule your next visit if you and I agree it is a fit to work together.  There is some basic paperwork that you can complete prior to the session using our secure client portal.  

Do you accept insurance?

No, I am an out-of-network provider, which means that I do not bill insurance directly for counseling services.  Upon paying my full fee at the time of service, I can provide you with a detailed receipt known as a “Super Bill”.  Submit this receipt with the reimbursement claim form you get from your insurance company.  Claim forms are typically found on the insurance company’s website.  If you plan to file for reimbursement, you should call your insurance provider prior to scheduling your initial session with me in order to determine your benefits and limits on counseling services.  Many clients are surprised to learn that their policy doesn’t cover counseling, only covers a few sessions, limits care to certain diagnoses, or carry high copays and deductibles.  Click here to find out why using an out-of-network provider can help protect your privacy.doesn’t 

How frequent are visits and how long will treatment last?

Typically, sessions occur once per week.  You and I may decide to increase or decrease the frequency of visits depending on progress and need.  Length of treatment depends on the presenting issue and the goals of treatment. Brief treatment might be as short as three to five sessions while longer term therapy might last as long as a few years.  We will collaborate to determine the length of treatment that is clinically appropriate and feels comfortable for you.