Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Does The Counseling Center accept insurance?

The Counseling Center does not file claims on your behalf for services.  However, I will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company (known as a Superbill). Please contact your insurance carrier to find out if you are eligible for out-of-network benefits. Therapy is a deductible expense for your HSA or Flex Spending Accounts.  Clients automatically receive Superbills via the Client Portal on the 10th day of each month.  Submit the Superbill with the reimbursement claim form you get from your insurance company.

Submitting a Superbill is not a guarantee of payment.  Therefore, if you plan to file for reimbursement, call your insurance carrier before scheduling your first appointment with The Counseling Center. This way, you can determine your carrier’s policy on covering counseling sessions. On the back of your benefits card is the number to call for information.

How can using insurance impact care and expose my health records to review?

You and your therapist will come together to tailor a plan for your life and situation. However, when a counselor is part of a managed care network, the insurance company may only pay for specific diagnoses. They dictate the length and type of treatment covered. However, counseling is highly personalized, and there is no “one size fits all” approach. It is very subjective, and insurance company interference can hurt the process more than help.

Likewise, most plans only allow for a certain number of sessions. They will determine when it is time to terminate treatment regardless of whether you finished the process.

For counseling to be effective, you must feel free to disclose difficult and sometimes painful information. This is especially true for clients with a history of trauma or those seeking treatment for addiction. If a counselor is part of an insurance network, that provider must share all details with representatives of the insurance company when requested. Protecting your confidentiality is one of the primary reasons I choose to remain out-of-network.

Benefits of using an out-of-network provider such as The Counseling Center?

The Counseling Center will not share any information with any insurance company unless you specifically request it by signing a Consent for the Release of Information. Should you choose to file for reimbursement, The Counseling Center must only provide an official diagnosis code (such as “F10.20 Alcohol dependence, uncomplicated”).